How We Differ

In Family Law, we will help you resolve your dispute.

The conventional legal process tends to be court focused and highly adversarial. It often results in a highly expensive, time consuming and drawn out process, in which each party engages a lawyer to fight over entitlements.

We focus on delivering the best outcome for you rather than prolonging the conflict. This means conducting your case in a professional manner that takes into account your financial, emotional and legal needs and helps you focus on the satisfactory resolution of your case.

We aim to manage and minimise conflict and work professionally to deliver you a fair outcome.

This approach ensures that you can get a fair result and move forward with your life.

Our Mission

  • To support you to make the right choices.
  • To resolve issues in a satisfactory way rather than just fight in the courts.
  • To keep you in control rather than dictating your choices.
  • To ensure you focus on the key issues and outcomes that are best for you.
  • To address the needs of the family rather than just assets.

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