Our Clients

Given our collaborative and outcome focused approach, we work best with clients seeking clear and pragmatic advice designed to achieve a fair outcome and resolve the dispute.

Although we support clients through difficult times, our mandate is never to fight with the intention of ‘getting everything’. In our experience this kind of approach is unrealistic and unnecessarily increases your legal fees. We think it is a better use of your legal resources to play it strong but smart.

Our aim is to best assist you to get a fair and timely outcome. We advocate strongly for you where it matters. We also give you the tough advice. We are honest and upfront. We are firm but fair.

We aim to minimise the conflict and achieve an outcome in the most appropriate way. We support and stand by you to get you through your separation and divorce, with the best interests of you and your family at heart.

We work collaboratively with other expert lawyers, accountants and advisors to achieve the best result. Our clients are looking for a legal service that takes the time, care and expertise to do the job right.